Masseria Posta di Mezzo

Hospitable, Apulian. In the heart of the truest Puglia, surrounded by seemingly endless fields, viewed from the top of Castel del Monte, Masseria Posta di Mezzo was born in Andria in 1600. An ancient post station whose mission was to welcome shepherds and flocks moving on the transhumance routes, on which it is still found today, offering refreshment to wayfarers and pilgrims. A structure subject to restoration and perfectly recovered in all its environments, an iconic and magnificent example of a traditional landscape, authentic but perfectly declined to the contemporary in the well-finished and extremely high-level services, Masseria Posta di Mezzo has therefore always been destined for hospitality

The Halls

The perfect enchantment between ancient and contemporary. Thanks to the balance between the clean forms of the original architecture and the restoration work, the room preserves the pre-existing environments and transforms them into elegant and versatile ones. As in a system of Chinese boxes, still inside the room, we find a Neviera entirely carved into the rock, used in the past to preserve food and drinks, here a stream of water from a spring flows slowly on the surface of the stone. The white stone left exposed, in its rustic purity, gives the structure brightness and airiness, making it essential but full of comfort. The space can comfortably accommodate up to 200 people

Experience the Apulian folklore

A special day lived with the warmth of welcome, a distinctive trait of charming Puglia. Joy, cheerfulness in music and dance, the liveliness of good food and the authenticity of the rural but highly sought-after atmospheres of Masseria Posta di Mezzo.

The Court and the Gardens

Luxuriant, evocative, poetic. Three hectares of garden in the background of which stands the octagon of Castel del Monte. Immersed among the olive trees and among the scents of Mediterranean herbs and plants, the outdoor space allows you to modulate any phase of the reception or the entire reception itself to your liking. From the symbolic rite, agli show cooking e, all’ombra del pergolato, i corner ricchi di prodotti preparati e serviti al momento.

The swimming pool with the glow of its waters, allows you to make the cutting of the wedding cake magical and the party that concludes the wedding sparkling. Furthermore, a landscape that in its colors becomes the perfect setting for any type of shooting.

Cooking and Pastry

Rural culture. Combining 0 km ingredients with typical and strictly seasonal flavors and aromas, the dishes proposed by our resident Chef become the manifesto of an ancient wisdom that is instilled in haute cuisine. Not reinterpretations, but the accurate culinary description of a lifestyle, the one that passes on the tables of the Apulians, for an unprecedented taste experience for everyone.

Posta di Mezzo

Professionalism and Passion

Slow Tourism and Territory

Apulian air, in its most historical key. On the sheep tracks of transhumance and along the paths of slow tourism more authentically linked to the territory, we find Masseria Posta di Mezzo. A splendid, rural territory, also dear to Emperor Frederick II of Swabia who built Castel del Monte here, a Unesco heritage site, half a few kilometers away from Masseria Posta and perfectly visible from the estate. Walking on historical and naturalistic tracks, a paradise for hikers who, on foot or by bicycle, move along the Via Francigena and Via Micaelica and on food and wine itineraries to be discovered.


A multiplicity of spaces and scenarios allows Masseria Posta di Mezzo to host any type of event.
Banquets and anniversaries of any type, conventions, business events that can take place simultaneously, without any overlap or hitch, in the services rendered by the staff of our structure. Absolute exclusivity, on the other hand, is reserved for weddings, for which the staff and the entire estate, including the gardens, are available only to the bride and groom and their guests. The services, both those included and those offered upon explicit request, range from tastings of wines selected by the sommeliers of Masseria Posta di Mezzo, to that of locally produced sugared almonds. Your reception is fully customizable also in the printing of menus and knights, in the tablecloths, in the mise en place and in the basic arrangements available from Masseria Posta di Mezzo. Furthermore, the baby sitting service allows parents to enjoy the day in complete tranquility and safety. Furthermore, Masseria Posta di Mezzo offers a suite exclusively for newlyweds with a rich breakfast included.